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26 February 2023,
Version 4.5.00 (Build 6308) released:
Program description enhancements, documentation updates


HP-15C Simulator

HP-15C Simulator Home Page
Mainly the same information as in this help. You can also download the latest simulator version from here.

HP-15C LE Owner's Handbook
The HP-15C Limited Edition Owner's Handbook as a PDF file.

HP-15C LE Advanced Functions Handbook
The HP-15C Limited Edition Advanced Functions Handbook as a PDF file.


Hardware replicas, running the original firmware, of many HP calculators. The DM15L and the DM-15CC communicate with the Simulator via USB!

Voyager Series User Manual
The User Manual for the SwissMicros' Series of the Voyager calculators.

HP-15C User Sites

An HP-15C Simulator power user site with many example programs.

Logan West's HP-15C YouTube playlist
The playlist has 14 short videos about basic and advanced features of the HP-15C.

Calculator Coding
An article on how to implement Master Mind on the HP-15C and the Simulator.

HP And Others Calculators

HP Calculator Museum
The most comprehensive collection of HP calculators on the Internet. With information about their history, technical details and more.

HP Calculator Literature
A collection of over 1.300 (!) manuals and other books for HP calculators. The HP-15C Owner's Handbook is available in Danish, English, German, French and Portuguese.

Eddie's Math and Calculator Blog
Edward Shore's blog on calculators and mathematics. He has a lot of nice programs for the HP-15C.

Valentin Albillo's HP Collection
A collection of HP calculator articles, programs, pictures, brochures and books. There's a lot to read on this page!

Guido's RPN calculators
A site about RPN calculators and particularly HP calculator. Plus some HP15c programs and links to RPN tutorials.

R/S Key
A collection of HP and other companies programmable calculators. Here you can also see my very first calculator

HP Calculators
On the official HP calculator site, you will find all currently available calculator models.
As of 2022, one model of the 10C series is still in production: The HP-12C, the financial model. It has reached a production time of over 40 years!

Kahan on HP calculators: Solve, Integrate and Matrix Operations
In this YouTube video William Kahan, the Canadian mathematician, computer scientist and Turing Award recipient of 1989, contributed the solve, integrate and matrix operations to the HP-15C. At the end of the video he presents his favourite pocket calculator.

HP-15C Simulator Resources

Tcl/Tk Home Page Home of the Tool Command Language and the Tool Kit.
If you do not have already installed Tcl/Tk on your system or if you do not have version 8.6.6 or higher, you can download it there. You can download either the source code or pre-compiled binaries for common operating systems.

DejaVu Fonts The "DejaVu fonts" can be downloaded from the sourceforge page.